Motherboard swap trouble?

Hey community!

So I got my ASRock Z77 Extreme 3 yesterday, and I was so excited that I just wanted to install it. I did a nice installation but made the mistake of not uninstalling the previous motherboard drivers. Now, my new board bsod's right after the Starting Windows logon screen.

Any ideas?

Im going to have my install discs tomorrow, so that works.

Anything helps,
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  1. Whoops! lol.. ummm, I'm not sure if booting into a windows repair utility would let you do it but it might.. you could also try booting into a linux kernel with something like Hiren
    I have no idea if it will work though, it's just a thought
  2. After swapping such a vital component as a mainboard I would be surprised if the windows would still work. You have to reinstall it.
  3. I've done many swaps without having to do a reinstall. I might just have to do it this time. May as well do it this time around. Would be nice to get a speed up anyway.
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