Micro ATX(H61) + Evo 212?

So I have the H61 motherboard(Micro atx) and just bought the Zalman Z11 mid tower case.. I had a question, am I gonna be able to fit the Evo 212 with both that case and motherboard? Im just afraid the cooler is either gonna hit my ram, or my video card.. Not to sure though.. advice would be nice :)
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  1. With the Cooler Master Hyper 212 +/Evo the fan will sit around 1.7" over the first and sometimes the second memory slot. So the key is to make sure you select memory that isnt that tall. Normal Corsair Vengeance can stand almost 2", and a number of other DIMMs can have large heatspreaders that can block the mounting of the 212 and other coolers like it. So get low profile memory like the Corsair Vengeance low profile or the G. Skill Ares.
  2. Im using 2 sticks of this..


    Should be okay then, right?
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