Get another 560ti or upgrade to 660ti

Hello, I am currently running a 2500k and a gtx 560ti; I now want a little more performance and was thinking about selling my current card for about 100£ and adding 150 to get a 660ti. Is this a worthy upgrade or should I just stick another 560ti in!
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  1. probably 6 in one, half a dozen in the other. Generally with new cards having 1 is better than buying 2, but since you already have 1 its kinda like picking your poison. If you know you could sell your current card for a decent price I would definately say that the 660ti is the better move, but with the economy and crap that goes along with selling parts it may prove difficult. The only immediate drawback I would see is sometimes people notice micro shuttering when using sli/xfire on certian games.
  2. well, according to the benchmarks we have seen thus far, the gtx 660ti goes on par with a gtx670 which is roughly 2x better than a gtx560 ti. So the gtx660 ti is a better option since single gpu solution is always better than sli plus you will have more room for upgrading later on. Now how much extra would it cost you to get the gtx660ti(minus the gtx560 sale price) as opposed to getting a second gtx560 ti? If the price difference is below £50, I'd say gtx660 ti is the way to go.
  3. Well I reckon from looking around I could sell my 560ti for 100£. I can get the msi 660ti for 250£. Or another 560ti for about 150! So really I end up spending 150£ which ever route!
  4. then gtx660 ti is the obvious choice here, plus the 1gb vram would be a limiting factor for the gtx560 ti in games like bf3, crysis 2.
  5. I'd get another GTX 670 if you can afford using a few extra £££'s
  6. Ok cool, I think its conclusive! Plus I love the look of the msi 660 ti, the blue matches my rig!
  7. 670 was not in the equation dansgas lol, but thanks for input anyways!
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