Voltage differences

Hello, new here as member, but been browsing site for anything computer related for some time.

heres my specs:
CPU - i5 3570K
RAM - Corsair Dominators 9-9-9-24-2 1600 1.65v
HDD - WD BC 1tb main, Hitachi 500gb storage
PSU - Corsair TX 750
VC - EVAG 660ti OC SLI
CPU cooler - ASTEK 560 loop (push pull fans)
Fans - 6 including push pull
Case - Mid thermaltake commander

Hers my question: I'll elaborate for a bit first. Searching the internets for OC guides on my CPU and MOBO, finding mixed messages across the cyber wolrd. Anyways, Ive read overclocking is different for every same model CPU, with that in mind i can understand small differences. But my question is, Why in my BIOS i set the CPUV to 1.32 and yet under load on stress testing with all the sensors why does it read 1.26v vs. 1.32 in BIOS? Is there something that hasnt been explained in the internet searches about the difference between BIOS voltage and OS voltage?

Now im not complaining or waving my e-peen, im completely happy with 1.26v under max load with temps hanging out around 72 celsius, but the BIOS 1.32v has me concerned a bit, BUT i did read that to get 4.6 or higher a good starting point IN BIOS voltage was 1.3 - 1.34?

Im running AIDA64 cpu, fpu, and cache for about 2 hours now as i write this. I have used Prime95 but heard it may damage the new intels... thats neither here nor there ATM, i did run prime for more than 18 hours using ASUS AI Suite II, but have since uninstalled that software and am doing this manually. I ran the ASUS software under prime with 1.23v (which ive read is kinda on the low side) at 4.6. So doing this manually now at 1.26v seems to be about right. At least thats what hardware monitor cpuz and AIDA64 are telling me under load.

In Hardware Monitor under Intel Core i5 3570k sub Powers: packages is running around 62 watts, does that sound about right? Considering the core is rated for 77w... under load at 62.... is that high, low or about normal.

Considering I read that to achieve 4.5, to have a voltage at 1.25 to start testing then work your way down.

Personally, i think 1.26v OS under load at 4.6Gh with 72 Celsius CPU temp is fine, its the 1.32v in the BIOS that has me concerned. Also when NOT under load or Idle, the votage jumps back to 1.3v at 43 Celsius.

Im not looking for a definite answer, just a possible confirmation that without having my exact system and testin it yourself, looks to be fine.

The reason im at 1.32v now is because i ran prime95 on small FFT at 1.31v and a half hour later it crashed.

regards, newb overclock
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  1. looks like i answered my own question, its called Vdroop and its normal, caused by load line calibration or llc which shouldnt be turned off.
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