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Computer intermittent Freezing

Last response: in Systems
October 7, 2012 10:36:25 PM

Hello techies,

I am having a bit of a hard time at the moment, my homebuilt rig is freezing up intermittently while windows is loading and while in windows itself.

I have a M4A87TD EVO Mobo
Phenom X4 965 Black edition
EVGA GTX 460 Superclocked (factory) GOU
4 GIG DDR3 1666hz Ram

microsoft security essentials x64

The issues started occuring no where near any hardware changes or major software changes except I think around time I updated GPU driver.

steps I have taken so far.

Fully reinstalled windows
installed latest BIOs, chipset, GPU driver onto partitioned part of hard drive
Works fine in safe mode when left all day
ran memtest and passed all tests
installed speedfan and monitored temps, GPU is hottest and gets up to 72 degrees while gaming.
Cleaned system thorougly with compressed air and left open with house fan blowing inside
swapped out ram to different dim slots and even tried one at a time.

I am experiencing some graphical issues while gaming, some things do not load properly in UI etc but no color spikes or blurring.

no noises in hard drive at all, computer freezing on screen, no blue screen or restart and is intermittant can happen on startup while windows loading and 24 hours later.

Does not happen outside of windows.

I am going to go home and reset CMOS as I saw that when I reset BIOS only 3 of my 4 cores were activated on start up.

There are no other errors occuring to suggest CMOS battery fault, no time changes or issues booting.

HELP!!! haha I am on wits end it is driving me crazy so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated before I start systematically replacing parts starting with graphics card

Thank you!
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October 7, 2012 10:48:05 PM

The first thing to test would be the hard drive, download from the manufacture of your hard drive web site their diagnostic software to test the hard drive. If the drive tests OK then the problem is probably a software one probably drivers. Try running in safe mode and see if you still get the freezing problem.
October 7, 2012 11:13:14 PM

Thanks for your reply!

I am going to download seagate diag tool and run that, it runs fine in safe mode which is why I thought more software related issues so will do a clean boot and see how we go.
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October 9, 2012 6:54:02 PM

ok update, if you can help again would be great, losing my mind here.

So I did a clean boot no non microsoft services and disabled all applications starting.
Computer was fine all day in safe mode no freezes.

I reinstalled GPu drivers, chipset drivers as well. Left computer running in normal windows all day with no problems.

I started playing games and with 30mins in I started seeing small graphical glitches (no lines or whatver) just some of the screen was black and until I forced a refresh of the UI it continued. The computer then froze, I left for 20mins with no change.

I also ran seatools diags on hard drive all passed. Memtest all passed.

I figure I have to start replacing parts, starting with GPU. I do not have the money for that at the moment if anyone has any suggestions?
Thank you!
October 10, 2012 4:35:11 PM

Any help or suggestions would be fantastic thank you everyone!