Taboos Air Cool i7 Extreme and not overclocking


Why is it so taboo to air cool your i7 Extreme, and why is it so taboo to want to keep your warranty and not overclock?

It would be fine to air cool if you are not going to overclock... Am I wrong? Why should I spend even more money for a liquid cooled system and I will never overclock???
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    I answer your question with another question:

    Why would you spend $1000+ on a CPU that was designed to be over clocked and not over clock it, when you could spend $300 on a i7 3770 with nearly identical performance?

    I say nearly identical because, they are, until you start to push the processor. The beauty of the i7 extreme is that it will take punishment that the lower echelon i7s would blow up under.

    The most efficient way to cool the extreme is by liquid. Its not cheap, but it works and works well. If you really want an air cooler get a noctua.
  2. As far as overclocking and keeping your warranty it is possible to do that with the Tuning plan that will allow you to overclock your processor and still have coverage.
  3. cool!
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  5. Definitely makes it worth overclocking! I agree with groundrat too. I may still go 2011 on the socket, but am going to think a little harder on my overclock stance after looking at Christian's link.

    Thanks everyone!!
  6. Nohing wrong with the 2011 socket. Infact for some applications (server/ workstation) its superior. And they make i7s for 2011, its not just a Xeon playground.
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