Gtx 570 vs gtx 670


I just built a new gaming rig, and I already bought an EVGA GTX 570 (2560MB), paid $350. Didn't OC.

I am now realizing that the GTX 670 is simply $50 more, and seems to offer considerable increases in performance.

I'm willing to return the 570 and get the 670, but just need to know whether or not it will be worth it for me...

I mostly play video games, in particular will be playing Guild Wars 2. I tested it with the 570 at maximum settings, AAx4, and it seemed smooth, until i noticed some screen tearing...turned on V-Sync and that was gone, and then it ran at a smooth 60FPS at max settings.

Here is my card:

Here is the GTX 670 i was looking at:

The 670 offers nearly triple the CUDA cores, 300Mhz more clock speed, nearly double the memory clock, and is PCIE 3.0.
Only downside is it offers 2GB @ 256bit memory vs the 2.5GB @ 320bit on the 570, and the shader clock is 400MHz slower.

How significant are the differences with the 670? Is the slight loss in memory and shader clock speed considerable? Noticeable?

Will i experience more FPS wit the 670 on a game like Guild Wars 2?

Current Rig:
Intel Core i5 3570k 3.4GHz, stock
EVGA GTX 570 2560MB
Corsair 750W PSU
GSkill Ripjaws DDR3 8GB 1600mhz memory
CoolerMaster HAF922 Case
Crucial 120GB SSD
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  1. yes the gtx670 FTW should give you around 50% boost in performance in that game and many other games that are to come in the future. Spending $350 for a gtx570(albeit 2.5gb) at a time like this won't be a wise move at all to be honest since there are heaps of better price/performers out there. I'd say get the gtx670 FTW you won't regret it.
  2. ^^ true plus add another 15-20% since op is looking at the EVGA FTW model
  3. Yes it will be worth.
  4. shamsmu said:
    ^^ true plus add another 15-20% since op is looking at the EVGA FTW model

    Well, after calculating $50 restocking fee and $25 shipping, and the difference bettween the 570 and 670 ($50), the price difference is $125. Still worth it in your opinion?
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