AMD Athlon II X4 640 Stock Cooler Good?

I had asked a question yesterday about whether to go with AMD or Intel for a budget server and the choice was AMD, however people told me that the stock cooler for the Athlon ii x4 640 is not good if I will be running the server 24/7, is this true and will I need to buy another cooler? My budget is $400 and I reached $409 right now so another cooler really isnt an option for me as it will bring up the price $20 more.
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  1. It's plenty!
    Yes it isn't the best and it is kind of loud, but it kept up with my Athlon at 3GHZ easily, and I'm sure it will do the same for you.
    The thing is however, that it will sound like a wasp after three years, but by that time I'm sure you'll be able to afford a 10$ cooler.
  2. The stock cooler is adequate for 24/7 operation with the processor at stock settings, yes. If the case is properly vented and the ambient temp is normal range.
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