AMD Athlon II X4 640 Stock Cooler Good?

I had asked a question yesterday about whether to go with AMD or Intel for a budget server and the choice was AMD, however people told me that the stock cooler for the Athlon ii x4 640 is not good if I will be running the server 24/7, is this true and will I need to buy another cooler? My budget is $400 and I reached $409 right now so another cooler really isnt an option for me as it will bring up the price $20 more.
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  1. Stock coolers are "fine" in that they will do their job to the minimum. If the CPU is running at very high or max load 24/7 then you can always monitor the temps with programs like Coretemp. Chances are, the fan will be pretty loud as well (as stock fans are when temps get a bit high).
  2. I doubt it will ever be running at full load 24/7. The only thing I will be making this run is an FTP, Web and possibly Mail server and then a Minecraft server which I will shutdown sometimes. Thanks also!
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