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approx purchase this month, for gaming, 720p resolution.

Hi im building my very first PC and i was wondering if the CPU, Motherboard and Power Supply were compatible with each other. I plan on playing Battlefield 3 on Medium/low settings 720P resolution.

CPU - Intel G620 dual core 2

500w cooler master extreme power plus

Gigabyte-GA-H61M-DS2- Intel micro atx

Case - Fractal design core 1000 cases

I plan on using this with a radeon 6670 1gb ddr3 (or if you have any recommended GPU within $70- $100 price range.)
Im new so im also wondering if the Motherboard being micro atx does that mean the PSU and Case have to be micro atx too?
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    I'm personally not caring for your power supply choice here, mostly because of this article by HardOCP
    linked to the conclusion page - perhaps a Corsair CX500?
    And no. your PSU should be standard ATX, your case can be any size that can fit micro-ATX (virtually all)
  2. can you link me to one thats compatible with the mobo/cpu on amazon? one not so pricey, maybe around $60,65.

    and do you have any other recommendations?

    edit: im thinking this one is ok, corsair cx500w atx 12v 80 plus bronze

    is a 430w psu ok? I hear the 6670 isnt power hungry.
  3. slimpsp92 said:

    That should work just fine
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