Will my power supply be enough?

Just got off the phone with a technician and a reason for my SLI option on NVIDIA not appearing may be because the graphics cards could not be getting enough supply. (I've tried everything to solve this and nothing works) I have a 750W ATX Power Supply and I'm trying to run 2 EVGA GTX560 Ti. Will my power supply run them both?
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  1. Yes 750W should be enough, however a lot of power supplies have trouble going up to their rated wattage. What brand is your power supply?

    Also, does your motherboard support SLI?
  2. The wattage appears to be enough, but without knowing what PSU it is exactly I'm not sure.

    Have you removed and re-installed the cards and their power cables to see if that changes anything? When you do this change which card is in which slot.
  3. Yes, my motherboard supports SLI. The power supply http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3276567&CatId=2533
    I've tried switching up the graphics cards and everything.
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