Stereo vs Sorround headset and usb vs analog

This is my first time here and my english is very limited, so I'll try to explain the problem as clear as possible....

I have a HT plug into my Xonar DX and I love my sound system, but when the night comes I must turn it down and it isn't enjoyable anymore :(

Therefore I need a good headset or headphone, I don't really care about the mic. I play a lot of fps and the sorround and bass are very important. Specially the bass.
I'm a bass lover :P

So, I have looked for many headsets, stereo analog/usb connector, true sorround, virtual sorround, etc. And I don't know which one would be better for my pc, trying to
get the best of my system.
I don't know if a good stereo analog would be enough pluging it in my DX sound card, or usb with their built-in sound card. Or go for more expensive headsets and get the
true or virtual sorround ones.

I live in Mexico, so keep in mind things are more expensive here :( and the catalog is really poor.

I can get the Z6 or the Storm Sirus which are a little more expensive than the Z6. I think those would be the "top of the line" for me because of my budget. Around $2500 mexicans pesos or $150 dlls.
There are some steelseries Siberia V2 that are cheaper.

I just need an advice to go for "x" kind of headset. I hope I get myself clear.

Greetings! :D
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  1. turtle beach are awesome if that is within your price range!
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