2 AMD HD 7870 with 2 30" monitors in CROSSFIRE

Just installed a 2nd HD 7870 card. Detected and worked fine with two monitors. One monitor plugged into each card.

After I turned on CROSSFIRE, the 2nd monitor is no longer detected.

Am I supposed to plug both monitors into the same card for CROSSFIRE to work?

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  1. Well it makes sence that you need to plug in both hdmi on the same card. Why don't you just try it?
  2. Yes is the simple answer which makes sense.
  3. You shouldn't need to plug the monitors into a single card. It should work with one monitor per card just as well as two monitors on one of the cards. You can try it and see if it works with both monitors one one of the cards and it should work, but it should also work with one monitor per card.
  4. Maybe you just have to set it up as dual monitor again? Have you tried that?
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