Intel i5 3570k processor going over?

Hey guys, I got a new computer going.
Intel i5 3570k with stock cooler
Asus p8z77-v lk
8 gigs (x2 4gig sticks) of Kingston hyperx ram
X2 zotac 9600gt's in sli and slightly overclocked via msi afterburner(I know, crap cards but they are temporary)
Cooler master m2 silent pro 850watt modular psu
Zalman z9 plus case

Now enough about the rig. I have a question about intels turbo boost 2.0.

My CPU runs at 3.4ghz stock clock, and with turbo boost enabled, with running games like battlefield bad company 2 and arma 2, it turbos too 4 -4.3ghz. When it does, it'll stay at that for the entire time playing.

I know the 3570k is suppose to have a max turbo of 3.8ghz, so that's a lot more then what it should be without me manually over clocking

So my question is, should I be worried? I'm running the stock cooler and I don't want my newly acquired CPU to overheat and fry itself. What could be causing it to go past it's 'max turbo' of 3.8?

Thanks for any help..
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  1. What are you using to monitor the cpu speed? Have you checked to see what temperatures you are at while gaming?
  2. The frequencies aren't what should worry you it would be the temps and the voltages it may be at although i'm not sure how you'd monitor voltage while gaming.

    As for what could be causing it to go past 3.8ghz could be some software installed or something that happened in the bios, you can change the target turbo speed and that may be what happened
  3. Hwmonitor will show you the cpu vcore and the temperatures it might be a good idea to get cpu-z and show us an image of that too
  4. also, you can install prime 95 to run a stress test and monitor what's going on under a heavy load
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the quick replys and taking interest in what going on.

    I have some pictures here, links are too photobucket.

    On start-up of Battlefield bad company 2:

    Around 10 minutes of playtime:

    And finally, around 20 minutes of play time:

    Being monitored by CPU-Z, CPUID Hardware monitor, and Intel's monitor.

    Hopefully it helps and hopefully the links work. Should I be looking into my Bios settings? Only thing Im worried about is that my stock CPU cooler isnt sufficient enough for the 4.1-4.3 ghz. Play time was short, so I could imagine that the temps would continue to rise?

    Im still a 'noob' too this whole thing so I dont know what too think. With the price that I paid for everything, the last thing I need is a fried CPU.

  6. your temps are fine, in fact, you could probably handle a little bit of an overclock {=^.^=}
  7. Alright perfect! What temps should I be watching for? I dont need to be constantly watching them, do I? Is there anyway I could change the max turbo? So lets say, I could go and change it to max turbo at 4ghz, or 3.9?
  8. i prefer to keep mine under 70c...some people go a little higher, u just don't want to be in the 80's and 90's...thats really bad.

    i'd give the turbo jump a shot, your temps looked fine, make the adjustment, and then run an actual stress test (prime95 is what you want) if the temps are still within reason, than stick with the turbo boost, if not, back it back down to its default.

    you don't need to constantly watch your temps, just do a good stress test, and if your system doesn't get too hot or crash, then you're fine ;)
  9. Well Im not too sure how Im suppose to use this program, but I ran it on 'Small FTTs (Maximum FPU stress, Data fits in L2 cache)' Temps on all cores got up too 80+ degrees Celsius so I quickly shut it down.

    So Im guessing that isnt good. Now the only thing Im not too sure about is, how can I back it down to 3.8Ghz? Because I didnt make any changes to the Bios, it was like that the entire time, like out of the box it almost seems! How could I set it correctly so it doesnt go past the 3.8ghz?

    Man does it suck to be a noob. But thanks for helping me man! Means a lot.
  10. run it on a blend mode, that'll pretty much test everything, after 15 minutes (or less if you heat up too fast) and you don't have any errors, your system is most likely stable, i run these tests over night to see if there will be any errors.
  11. Figured it out, needed to update my Bios, completely didnt think about that one. Thanks for your help guys. I would rather keep it 'stock clock' right now until I picked up a better cooler!

    Thanks again!
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