How to conect or draw in wifi signals from my home?!?!

I invested in a Motorola Zoom wifi, I'm able to connect to WlFi a block in every direction from my house, but not at my house. The only thing I have is a cable coming in from my Antenna allowing limited TV / few more opshions when using Converter. Surely with so much available out there, how could I obtain wifi connection without having to. do a say two year contract with a subscriber. Maybe Im dreaming, but this is a healthything. In the bible it says With God ALL THINGS are possable to them who believe and are in according to his purpuse! Also please understand I know some about all this stuff but looking foword to learning much more!!! Thank You All!I'
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  1. Are you saying that you are picking up free wifi signals around your house, but there are none close enough that you can get wifi at your house?

    Really, the only way i know would be to get a connection at the house (subscribe to an ISP)
    Otherwise most likely you would just be picking up a neighbors signal and leaching off of that. Some people find this acceptable but i personally don't as they are paying for internet and you are just slowing it down for them by "borrowing" it when you need it.
  2. You're basically asking how to steal internet from the neighbors, no luck here. There are some places that offer free community wifi, check in your area for that.

    God does not have much to do with wifi by the way, he likes rocks and fire and large hats. I don't think there is much about wifi reception in the bible, but if you want to sacrifice a goat and see if that helps, feel free.
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