Best CPU upgrade path.

I dont want to start an AMD INTEL war I just want to know what is my best performance/cost option. I have 2 options, purchasing the AMD phenom 2 x4 965 for 100 and placing it in my system, or buying and i5 3570k and new mobo for 240 plus a new copy of windows for 90. I just want this rig to play games on ultra settings for the next 2 years or at least, and most importantly battlefield 4 on ultra at 60fps.

Also I have a prebuilt mobo so overclocking the 965 is not an option.
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  1. The i5 3570k is much better. And if cost is an issue, you could always go with the Micro ATX boards, like H61, etc.. Heres a list of the H61 boards you could get for the i5
  2. He cant overclock with an h61 board... and playing on ultra setting would be more dependand on the video card.

    Without know what GPU yuo have or intend to get this question can't really be answered. The 965 can play bf4 but the i5 will do so with more frames per second.
  3. If you're planning for the future, go with the i5 system. If you just want to play BF3/4 and play it now, go with the 965 and O/C it. However, like previously stated, the gfx card will be your main concern. What resolution is your monitor?
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