What Part should I upgrade?

Hi, new member and freshly signed up poster here.

I use my pc mostly for hardcore gaming, some video rendering.

So This is currently my Computer , its not all that great but it can run guildwars 2 on okay fps. But i want more but my budget is only 200 euro and Im only getting my stuffs from this site : ditech.at

Im currently Using :
A noname motherboard - bleh
AMD Athlon II x4 640
3k ram cards
HD Radeon 6850
a 500gb harddrive
Be Quiet power source 430watt

English is not my native lingo so I appologize now for my grammar and spelling.

So a friend of mine said I should upgrade my motherboard and cpu
he said i should get this :

and leave the rest as it is, he told me i will see a good change in gaming.

He also stated that I could change my harddrive and get a SSD one and I will get atleast 50% faster increase on performance.

What do you guys think? Get a new motherboard and cpu? ( amd fx 4170/ gigabyte ga 970)
Or get a better graphic card ? Or a better power source?

I read that some gf cards need like 700watt or something, so my current power source wouldnt be able to support a stronger grafic card right?

Can my 430 watt power source run this gfx cards? :
or this ?
or this?

And if it does support them would be getting a better graphic card with my current spec be a better performance boost or is getting a cpu and a new mobo the better deal?

prolly not right? So i should rather invest first on a power source or cpu plus mobo?

thanks very much, i want to get the hardwares today from the shop
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  1. You won't see that much improvement over the CPU you have now with a FX-4170 upgrade. Are you opposed to moving to Intel? You will get the most 'bang for your buck' (or whatever your currency is ;) ) with an Intel upgrade. The HD 6850 should be fine if you game at 1680x1050 or less. You can get decent frame rates up to 1920x1080 with some reduced settings too. I would recommend a Z77 based motherboard and as much CPU as you can afford. Even the lowly i3-2xxx will be an improvement over the Athlon system you now have and a better upgrade than the FX 4170. But an i5 is better.
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