Intel Core i7-3770k vs i7-3820 in SFF


I am considering those two for a SFF machine for AutoCAD/Revit rendering. Probably a Shuttle of some kind. The 3770 is 77w TDP versus a lot more for the 3830. Upgradeability, O/C, and the like not a factor.

All I want is a processor that will run for 8 hours a day without frying the rest of the components or itself. Shuttle or similar SFF mandatory due to machine's end user (college aged kid).

A lot of reviews with the latest socket 2011 seem to indicate they're running hot, I thought we had this TDP thing fixed a while back?

Thank you
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  1. Yes get a college kid something small and powerful and easy to steal. <grin>
    Obviously you want the 3770. Keeping a SFF cas cool while a heater is running inside of it is a challenge enough, no need to make it worse for 200mhz.
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