560ti SLI vs 680

Hey Guys,
I'm currently using a pair of slightly OC'd 560ti's in SLI and over all, I'm still really happy with the performance. The only times I run into performance problems is with games that have little to no SLI support, but that's to be expected. Just wondering if it would be worth selling the 2 560ti's and going with a 680? Think the performace difference would be worth the upgrade? Thanks to all with advice.
Win 7 64
i7-870 3.0gz
12 gigs ddr3
750w 80+ psu
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  1. 560ti SLI would trade blows with a 680... it's not a performance upgrade to go to a 680.

    It's only worth upgrading if you are having issues with SLI (e.g. microstuttering or driver problems).
  2. Thanks for the reply. After looking at some performance charts, it seems 560ti SLI does still hold its own pretty well.
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