23a on 12v Rail enough for 550 ti?

I know 24a is recommended but im wondering if ill be fine.
I have a Thermaltake Tr2 600
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  1. Probably. Most PSUs have a bit of tolerance in the amount of power that can be provided, and I had a 550Ti running on a PSU with only an 18A 12V rail, though I did replace that rather quickly. However, a difference of 1A, I wouldn't worry about.
  2. You must be confused. Your psu has a 32a AND a 24a rail.
  3. Even though that is not a very good power supply, it should run a 550Ti just fine.
  4. ct1615 said:
    why is not very good?

    Sorry, should have said it differently.

    Yes the PSU will work and run the 550Ti and be fine for years to come, but its not really the best name in quality in terms of PSU's. Given that he already has it though, its not going to be a problem at all.
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