HD 6970 VS GTX 660TI

hi, i am not which is a better GPU the HD 6970 or GTX 660Ti. i have found a place where i can get the 6970 for £200 and so i am not sure if it is worth paying an extra £50-£60 to get a gtx 660ti
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  1. 660 Ti vs HD 6970


    The 660 Ti wins by far
  2. I would imagine the HD-6970 and the GTX-660Ti are pretty close when it comes to performance output, considering the HD-6970 performs better than the GTX-560Ti.

    According to videocardbenchmark.net, the GTX-660Ti is ranked higher than the HD-6970 by 289 points.

    GTX-660Ti - 3421
    HD-6970 - 3132

  3. 6970 perform closely to GTX570 (slightly ahead). GTX660 Ti is on par or slightly ahead of GTX580 depending on games. so it is clear GTX660 Ti is well ahead of 6970
  4. thanks for your answers
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