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Best way to wirelessly connect to TV

My computer sits in my bedroom which is about 30 feet from my TV. I'm looking for a way to wirelessly connect my TV to my computer to play games, watch shows, browse, etc. What's your guys' suggestion on the best way to do this?

I'd love low latency and high definition transfer of video without an expensive price tag (lets say 200 would be expensive)

let me know please! :hello:
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  1. Well I've got no answers for you as I've never heard of this being done (and I doubt it's possible), but if you find a way I'd love to hear it!

    As for a practical solution: you can just run an HDMI cable through the wall to the other room and connect it to your TV (though I imagine that a 30-40 foot cable will introduce some signal degradation).
  2. Can't do it to play games. You need a direct connection between the computer and tv with an HDMI cable or DVI or VGA cable.

    Do u have aPS3?
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    Check this device out:

    Does what the OP wants. Of course, it has limitations.
  4. yup i was just looking into those as I was about to update my post. Only problem is I can't find any reviews from people playing games. Watching a movie is understandable as you wouldnt notice any latency from your computer since you aren't directly manipulating anything. But a game you would probably notice a difference
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