NZXT... Any good?

Hey guys,

Really curious if the brand NZXT is any good?

I am buying the Phantom 410 FULL tower in black and I LOVE the look of white fans.. White anything actually.. And NZXT has white fans and PSU's and everything..

Input would be much appreciated :)


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  1. Even white 'premium cables'
  2. NZXT's as good as any manufacturer, and the Phantom is enormously popular.
  3. I've been pretty satisfied with their products, and from what I can see, they make quality products.
  4. Their fans included in the cases that I have bought seem to have really low CFM/really don't push much air. I have 2 nzxt cases and I do like them. The ones I have are tricky getting cabling done right and a pain in the rear but I like them overall. As far as their PSU's are concerned, I'd probably go for something straight from Antec, Corsair, Seasonic.

    Customer service is pretty awesome. When I built my NZXT Vulcan, one fan had a buzzing noise. I contacted NZXT that same night, which was a Monday. Got a replacement fan that Thursday. No communication just had the big box at my door step. Cheers.
  5. My NZXT case is nothing short of quality. It looks like it came from aliens lol.
  6. It has spaceship-like cases design.

    The cooling fans are neat looking since they're white.

    I ordered the Gamma case, and currently I'm waiting for it to arrive.
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    NZXT makes very high quality computer cases. And yes, the Phantom flipping wreaks of awesomeness.
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