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Was thinking about gutting my old Dell Dimension 8200 [ P4, AGP Radeon HD 3450 (512MB), 2GB Rambus(sketchy ram, drops out sometimes/crashes)] and using the case and PSU to drop something newer into it for the kids to have a slightly better internet machine.

2 questions....

Is the Dell Dimension 8200 case/PSU able to take standard ATX mobo/CPU with stock cooler fans?

Is it worth putting money into to build an internet machine and whats best upgrade?

seems like for 100 bucks I can drop an A4 APU in a Llano (FM1) mobo and get a decent improvement...?

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    The case does not use a standard at form factor and cooling is horrible you'I'd be better off paying $20for a better case. Also the psu is proprietary as well the 8200 was before Dell started using standard power supplies.
  2. thanks.

    box as it is isn't too bad for internet machine.

    so for under 200 I could get a llano/a4/case/psu new machine...
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