my sons alianwear comp x51 says update drivers but when he dose it messes his grapics up on his game wow makeing the text unreadable and the graphics patchy plse help
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  1. the graphics card is a geforce gtx 555
  2. Still nt had reply can anyone help please my sons alianwear comp x 51 says update drivers when he has done this the graphics and text on his game are patchy and unreadable the only way to fix is to re set comp to eairler date therefor ends up in the comp saying update drivers can anyone give me some advice as my son is getting very upset about this please :(
  3. How did you upgrade the drivers? Did you use the windows update? If you did, that's the issue.

    Use the official Nvidia website.
  4. Try a manual update from Nvidia. Just make sure to download with the correct OS you're using.
  5. ty i will try that :)
  6. have done this from offical site but graphics still same help
  7. please can someone help my son has a gforse gtx 555 alianwear x 51 his comp says update drivers when he dose this on the offical nvidia site it messes his graphics and text on his game woeld of warcraft please can u advise why and how to fix a s a p :(
  8. Is there any particular reason he needs to update the drivers, beyond this message he reports seeing?
  9. apart from some of the games he plays the fps are terrible
  10. Upgrading drivers is not usually going to do much to improve framerates in games. You might see a minor improvement with some optimizations done, but it might just be that your son is expecting too much from the hardware of his laptop. It's difficult to say without a list of games however, not to mention whether he's trying to run them at a very high resolution with the high detail levels, etc.
  11. What is resolution set to?
  12. its a desktop and his settings on mgica and trine 2 are on low settings but his world of warcraft are on the highest settings and that runs at 60 fps
  13. but magica and trine2 are very laggy on low settings
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    Geforce gtx 555
  15. Sunius said:
    What is resolution set to?

    1920 by 1080
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