Problem with Nvidia GTX 260

Hello everyone,
I just bought a Nvidia GTX 260 superclocked edition, and I have having some problems with it. I have uninstalled my old drivers for my other video card and put in my new video card and installed the new drivers, but when I go to restart my computer for the new drivers to take effect the computer just gets stuck at the windows screen. There are also green and purple lines going through my screen. The monitor is not the problem because my old video card did not have that problem. I have a feeling that the card may be running a bit too hot, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know what's wrong?
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  3. Boot in safe mode, remove the drivers via device manager(check box to delete software too).

    Now install and run and remove any Nvidia driver stuff remaining.

    Now restart and report back.
  4. Alright, uninstalled the old video card drivers and ran driver sweeper. Now what?
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    Bump... someone please help?

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