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i am planning on getting the cm storm trigger mx blue and i need a good mouse i was thinking of either a razer death adder a Logitech g700 or g500 or g9x but i am confused on which to get i play fps and mobas ie garrys mod, cod waw, and torchlight please help me :(
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  1. Most people agree that logitech g700 is the best quality and will last the longest...the newer razer stuff is said to be pretty cheap and bust after a year or less.
  2. ive sworn off razor since my lachesis sensor went fuzzy on my orroigional and replacemnet after only 3 months. im using the logitech g500 mouse for a year now and no dramas. its pretty comfortable in long term gaming. im a black opps 2 player :)
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    There are so many gizmos and gadgets out there to make game playing even better and if you haven't purchased a gaming mouse yet, then you should definitely consider getting one. Gamers who use a gaming mouse know that they give you a huge advantage - especially when you are in time-sensitive situations. With programmable buttons and increased accuracy it simply takes less effort to switch weapons and strike your opponent.Say what you want to about the Deathadder, but it's the most popular gaming mouse on the market right now. It combines affordability with the response time and precision most gamers are looking for. The G9x is one of the most customizable gaming mice that you'll come across. For around $20 more than the G500 and Deathadder 3500 the Logitech G9X gives you several more customizable features to fit your personal preference and gaming style.It's a tuff choice i like them all lol.
  4. I don't recommend Razer anymore as my 2 last mice from them (Deathadder and Mamba) last maybe a year and a couple of months before they were dead and razer was only offering 1 years of warranty a few years ago...

    I've used Microsoft, Cooler Master and Logitech mices and they're all still running (my MX revolution is about 5-6 years old and on the original battery that is still providing about a day of usage... However it was a week when it was new but you see the point ^^)
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