Good deal or not? (alienware)

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    he/she in the add says that it plays most games on ultra which is a LIE it can but not at 1080p maybe 720p and alienware are NEVER good deals
  2. thats what i thought but it being a usually overpriced system for so dang cheap i had to ask to see if im missing something :p
  3. Oh god, no, alienware is NEVER a good deal.
    They make cheap products with bad guts, and worst of all, being owned by DELL, have some of the worst OEM bloatware installs of all computers.
  4. im with devilofdeaths thats a terrible deal
  5. so if you could just select a best answer that way people know that the thread is over
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  7. could have sworn i already did!! lol can you guys answer my other laptop questions under systems<prebuilt?
  8. I'd NEVER buy a used laptop.

    As for "gaming" laptops you need to spend quite a bit to play the good titles. If you have $1500 it's better IMO to buy a $400 laptop and spend $1100 on a desktop.

    If you have say $800 to $1000 then I'd probably look around for a laptop based on NVidia's 600M Optimus series.

    If you have $500 to $700 it might be better to buy an AMD based system with HD7000 or HD6000 graphics (HD7000 much cooler/quieter but may be some HD6000 deals).

    *When it comes to gaming on laptops, carefully choose games that work well on your system. Some games scale well, some don't look that great unless you have a MINIMUM spec'd machine.

    Diablo 3/Torchwood are examples of games that are well coded. Torchwood 2 would be my top recommend for a laptop game (with a mouse). On the other hand, Batman Arkham City might not work great.

    *The single largest mistake I see in PC gaming is people increasing the graphics quality too high at the expense of framer rate and stuttering.
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