Just installed Geforce GTX 580 Card, and I'm having some issues

I'm having some issues with my current installation of my new Graphics Card. After connecting everything, I connected the mini hdmi cable with the card and my monitor (the monitor's end has a standard sized hdmi port). I turned on the computer and my monitor isn't displaying anything.

So I connected the dvi adaptor and used vga cables to establish visuals on my monitor, which worked. The last step was to install the drivers, and both the drivers from the CD it came with and the ones from online are giving me errors and not letting me install them.

Anyone have a clue what's going on?
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  1. System specs please
  2. Found out the problem. I'll leave the answer here for anyone else who has the same issue:

    HDMI original port to the monitor shared something with the old graphics card, and where it was hooked into. Switching to another port solved that issue. (move from hdmi port 2, to hdmi port 1)

    The second issue happened when turning off the computer during windows updates, which caused the error to not install drivers properly. After applying the updates fully, and making sure all updates are accounted for, the drivers were able to be installed without issue.
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