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Hi all i have recently upgraded to three monitors and when using the middle monitor for gaming one monitor for youtube and the other for browsing the system runs abit sluggish, but the CPU and RAM are only at 50% load and the graphics cards shouldnt be having any problem with this any idea what it could be?

8GB ram
GTX 560Ti
1TB caviar black

Any help greatly appreciated.
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  1. I'm not too sure about this problem. But you should probably your PSU specs for someone who does as it may be a problem with either overheating or not enough power going into your GPU.
  2. Hi my PSU is 750w so this cant be the problem overheating could be with the current weather here but i doubt the PC has plenty of room to breath and is kitted out with noctua fans to keep it nice and cool.
  3. What PSU is it? Brand/make? And make sure nothing is overheating.
  4. Hi Its a corsair 750w 80+ bronze psu i can guarantee thats not the problem and nothing is overheating. Anyway an update here it seems to run videos at 30 fps on the middle and right monitor but it dips to 15 on the left an i have no idea why.

    The middle monitor is running from a gtx 560ti the left and right from a gt 630.

    UPDATE: Seems when i have wow running on the middle and a video on the left monitor every now and then both monitors drop to 15 fps for a few seconds then raise to 30 and 60 again, however this does not happen when the video is on the right monitor when its on the right they are both locked at a constant 30 and 60 fps. Very strange problem the only difference between the left and right monitors is the left is connected by vga the right through dvi. For now i will just use the right for videos to bypass the problem if anyone comes up with a solution that would be great :).

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