Bottleneck G860 with gtx 660

Hello again i got a few questions to ask you guys.

1) Will a g860 bottleneck a gtx 660

2) What is the performance differance between g860 vs i3 3220

3) i3 with 7850 or g860 with gtx 660?

4) Would you reccommend a different cpu combo? $210 combo budget

Thanks guys
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  1. For question 4, i meant cpu $ gpu combo
  2. The 660 gtx is 210$, how do you fit the 660+pentium G860?
    If you mean 210$ for the cpu and motherboard, you can fit an i3-3220 and a b75 motherboard for ~180$.
  3. there is hardly much of a difference between a G860 and an i3 in quite a few games. getting a 7850 is not as good as getting a 660 in either set up. go for the G860 and 660. there will be some limitations with a pentium but the overall experience will be fine.
  4. There's a difference :

  5. @djangorango
    Haha i meant about $300 for cpu & gpu. I derped out and somehow put $210
  6. There will no bottleneck with g860 in most games.may be in multiplayer games it might hold back.overall you will be fine.
  7. i believe the chart is conclusive enough to show that there's a mighty difference between an i3 and g860.
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    djangoringo said:

    now that is with a 7970 whereas a 7850 or 660 would bottleneck long before those frame rates . . however yes in games that take advantage of the i3's hyper threading there a difference. however it makes not much sense to spend close to equal the amount of money on a cpu/gpu in a gaming rig.

    (pppssst how about more than one bench? )
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  10. Thanks guys that was everything i was looking for
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