Will it fit?

I am planning to upgrade my crappy Dell Inspiron 560 so that it can run Guild Wars 2 on medium settings with about 30 fps.

I have determined I want to buy this for my video card upgrade:

I also want to buy this for my PSU upgrade:

My question is: Will the new PSU and the new Video Card fit comfortably in my PC? And also, will it really run Guild Wars 2 smoothly?

My previous thread died out, so I am reposting this.
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  1. Bump.
  2. Yes everything should fit fine. What is the exact model number / specifications of your PC currently?

    And can you stretch your budget to a better GPU? like 5770/6770/ or a 7750? maybe find one used locally on craigslist or something
  3. Go to this and click on tech specs.
  4. ^ That is the exact model.
  5. lol it doesnt really say what the CPU is, how much ram it has etc. but looking at the requirements of the game everything should fit and should work. It will be tight tho putting in a PSU into a micro case....

    to make sure you can always pull out a ruler and measure the three dimensions of the PSU in it currently and compare them to the one you're buying.

    But like I said try to extend to buying a 5750/5770/6750/6770/ or a current 7750
  6. Yeah I want those, but i'm on a budget. This is the best I can find and one that is in my price range. So to clarify, the video card and the PSU will fit?
  7. Pentium(R) Dual Core CPU
    E5800 @3.20 GHz Ram:3.00 GB
    64 bit operating system
  8. That was what I could find. Im not that tech savvy.
  9. the video card will for sure fit, as your PC will have an empty PCI-E slot. The PSU should most likely fit, i have built a handfull of micro ATX PC's and changed a few OEM PSU's and havent had any trouble ever.... but i mean if I were you i'd open it and look, does the PSU measure to be normal sized? itll take 5 mins to check
  10. What is exactly normal sized?
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  12. Ah yes the PSU will fit.. I found the dimensions for my current PSU as 5 7/8 W x 3 3/8 H x 5.5 D - Inches.
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  14. Thank you so much.
  15. No problem bro, glad to help. But look at the other GPU i linked... I think $15 more easily justifies it.. just buy one less sandwich or something for a day lol
  16. Lol thank you. Better performance thanks.
  17. no worries
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