Trinity or intel laptop?? HELP!

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    Depends, what are you going to do on this laptop?

    If its intensive activities, like video editing, number crunching. The i7 laptop will be better.
    For gaming, The A10 APU's on-board graphics are far superior to the i7's, so its better.

    Though thats just based on the CPU/APU, there might be another factor like a bigger HDD that could sway you one way or the other.
  2. Entirely depends on what you're doing with it. If you want to game, go with the Trinity.
    If you're looking for just a cheapo computer, go with the intel.

    The poster is lying out of their ass, though - it's not at all good for gaming, and it's not an 8-core cpu like the desktop i7s are - it's a quad core: two physical cores and two hyperthreaded.
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  4. Ok, i want to game, and it looks like i can maybe play AC3 on medium settings. is 40 FPS good?
  5. Some laptop i7's are dual cores with Hyperthreading, but this particular one is a proper quad with Hyperthreading.

    And no, the i7 isnt good for gaming. Its got a HD3000 iGPU, which is fairly weak even by integrated graphics standards.
  6. Cant be sure about AC3 since it hasnt released, but here is what that particular Trinity chip scores in other games. Its the A10-4600M
  7. i see... hm... i have a lot of Homework to do apparently. i understand AMD desktops and all but laptops are a whole new field for me.

    This is what i have been using

    I can insert my values and see how it will run. They dont have the infinity chips in their list though so it makes it complicated
  8. The minimum CPU requirement is a Core2 Duo or an Athlon, both are very old dual cores. It'l be fine.
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