CPU Cooler Phenom II 965 BE..

Hey guys I need a little help

I bought a 965 BE recently and i'm not rly having temp problems (its where it says it should be..35c idle-60-63c load) but the stock sink and fan that came with it is SO LOUD..its easily the loudest thing in the room

I had done research about the 212 EVO but I don't think it would fit in my case (Raidmax SMILODON) without me removing the side door..

So I am asking is there anything thats just as good as the 212 as far as quiet and cool that would fit into the Smilodon ?

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811156063&cm_re=smilodon_raidmax-_-11-156-063-_-Product <- the case

I honestly do not believe a 212 is going to fit in there..I could be wrong..? Need help :D
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  1. You really don't need EVO. Besides, it's not that good of a cooler anyway (it's highly over-hyped and over-advertised, but in actuality it's not worth even just those money it costs).

    Just get this and you're absolutely good to go. Of course it costs a little bit more, but at least you'll definitely get all-around quality product for that money.
  2. You could try some low profile CPU cooler, Noctua have some like the NHC14

    The 212 work well for 25-30 bucks however vs a similary sized Noctua NHU12P like mine, i can see the difference by a lot... (almost 35-40 celsius difference at full load)

    Reached 102 with the 212 @ 4.6ghz 1.3V (noctua was 65-66) and now barely touching 80 @ 4.83ghz 1.35V so it's better than the stock heatsink but not as high as a 70$ cooler even if they're both about the same size...

    PS: used Artic silver 5 and dot method on both
  3. spawnkiller said:
    You could try some low-profile CPU Cooler, Noctua has some, like NH-C14.

    At first, I thought about recommending it for him, but it's price raised recently, so it's not a good option in comparison to NH-L12...only if he'll want to spend that much money.

    OP, if you're not on ultra-tight budget and willing to spend more than 60$ on a quality Cooler, then NH-C14 definitely would be the perfect choice for you.

    P.S. Arctic Silver suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. %)
  4. Other than the fact that it is conductive, it gaves the best result for me vs the NT-H1 and the TG2 so that's why i keep using it...
  5. >TG2
    Dude, that garbage is sooooooo BAD that it's not even funny. %)

    About AS: Arctic Silver CAN work for somebody else, but not for me.
    I tried doing tons of things with this stuff to justify that I bought it, sometime in the past...it turned out to be absolutely unjustifiable purchase at all, in the end. :\

    MX-4 For Life!
  6. Do you just want quiet or are you going to overclock?
  7. Well like I said its not the temps I am worried about, its running as it says it will..35c idle 65 max load..

    its the noise man, this stock that came with it is absurdly loud..it runs at 6200 RPM but its so loud i can hear it even with headphones on..

    im not looking to spend like 60$ on a fan..and i dont need absurd cooling temps as im not a temperature freak, as long as it stays where its supposed to but lowers the noise compared to the stock fan ill be happy

    im using the paste that came with the stock, but again its not the temps im concerned with as they are fine..its the noise level this stock is giving off..its crazy loud

    not planning on OCing, i just need a good quality cooler thats quiet..doesn't have to be silent cuz im sure this is the loudest fan ive ever heard (its louder then my Box Fan!)

    As long as it is capable to keeping this CPU under 65C full load and runs quieter then the stock it will meet my needs, again tho im not looking to spend 70$ on a fan (hell i spent 85$ on the cpu)

    The stocks cooling is fine, but the noise level is insane.

    To give you an idea I can hear the stock fan over BF3 jets and bullets and explosions..with headphones on.
  8. Not that this helps really but in defense of the 212 I have it on a 960T with both cores unlocked to an X6 and OC'd 1.25Ghz to 4.25. with an additional fan and AS5 I have never seen my temps over 65c even after 24+ hours of prime. Idles at ambient too.
  9. If you can't go tall, go wide.

    For a 125W CPU the only LP cooler I'd trust would be the NH-C14, or you could try the Xigmatek Gaia, it cools within a couple degrees of the Evo and is shorter.
  10. I ended up going with XIGMATEK Loki as its a little bit smaller then Gaia, I had to move my door fan to another slot but it fit( i didn't have to move it but i felt the new heatsink would block the front of the side fan and make airflow weak there), the noise level is down by alot and the temps at max load are hitting 58c-59c under load, 33-34c idle..i used AS5 paste with it if that really matters..

    Either way im happy now since i don't have my tower sounding like its about to lift off and fly to mars
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