How to install a graphics card on a custom build?

On my first build, everything is working fine now, except that if I plug in my graphics card, there is no signal on my monitor. This is my first build and the driver for the graphics card isn't installed (not even an operating system is) so maybe that is the problem, but I'm not sure the order to do things in. Also, the blue monitor-to-pc connector ( connects the monitor to the motherboard, but not the gaming card to the monitor? Maybe that is how it's supposed to work (the gaming card is indeed attached to the motherboard..) The gaming card is PCI 3.0 compatible and that's the slot I put it in. However, there is no blue backside to the graphics card to plug the monitor in, only a DVI-D and DVI-I slots (I have no idea what these are and don't have cables for them that I know of) and what looks like a hdmi slot and something else a little bigger which I have no idea what it is. My monitor has a HDMI slot too but I thought this was supplemental, like you can't rely on HDMI only?

I'm just really confused. And yes, the monitor does go into bios without the graphics card on the motherboard, so I know the motherboard and monitor are fine!
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  1. There's a number of possible issues.

    I don't want to insult your intelligence, but I just led my friend Stepanie through a problem with my PC I shipped her. She was hooking monitor to motherboard video, not the video card video. The video card ports should be sticking out from one of the peripheral slots, and that's how you (usually) want to connect a single monitor. So the question is...which video port are you trying to use? Motherboard or video card? Use the video card unless you have some reason not to.

    Another possible source of error is not hooking up the PCI-express power connectors IF needed, to the video card.
  2. If it goes into the BIOS without the graphics card, does it go into the BIOS when the card is in it when you have the motherboard graphics plugged in?
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