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I just put together a new build, and I've been gaming on my 18" HDTV for now, but I'm craving an actual monitor. Are there any monitors with a 1920x1200 resolution that are $250 or less?
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  1. Is there a reason you want this res it is not used often and 1080p content plays with bars. I have an apple cinema screen at that res and although it is an awesome screen the res makes 1080p content have bars or stretch.

  2. I've seen the Dell U2412M drop to around $250 on sale. It's currently $280 on Provantage (I've found the best monitor prices there):

    The next cheapest would be either the NEC EA243WM:

    or Asus PA248Q:

    Honestly, they're all worth their going rates, but at $280 that Dell is a steal. Keep an eye on it and you might be able to pick it up for $250-270.
  3. I prefer 1920 x 1200 as it gives me a 80 pixel piece of screen real estate below a 1920 x 1080 window.

    Be aware that IPS panels make great photo retouching monitors but are considered by many movie watchers and gamers to look a bit "washed out". This is because IPS has greater color accuracy and this is not what game devs and movie houses aiming at since they intent is to oversaturate the screen a bit.
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