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Hi folks i think i have a problem here, i understand that System Idle Process is good to see high because it's telling us how much of the computer we aren't using right, but for me, every 5 mins or so, my fan kicks in really hard on my lap top, sure sounds like its working overtime, so when i check Task Manager i see System Idle Process high like 90's that's in the Processes tab, but in my Performance Tab its telling me my CPU usage is at 100%, so this is all happening at once and every 5 mins,

System Idle Process (according to the Processes tab in Task Manager) = very high
CPU usage (according to the Performance tab in Task Manager) = very high
Fan on lap top = very high and loud (cant sleep >.<)

any ideas as to whats going on? seems like the system is contradicting itself, Thanks for reading!
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  1. Overheating in all likelyhood.
  2. i see thanks so a spray of some of that compresed air should do er? also is there a way to turn the fan off in your lap top using device manager? i know its evil but heh thanks again!
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