Gpu upgrade under 300$

Current Pc Specs:
Asus M5A97 Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Processor
430 Watt thermaltake tt 8020Power Supply
AMD HD 5770 Graphics Card
8 GB DDR3 Vengeance Ram

Thinking about getting into crysis.
Would like something that could play it on max settings.
Also would like a card that could play bf3 on max.

A steady framerate of 30-40 fps is what i would like.
My budget is 300$ give or take 20-50$

Please keep in mind i am from canada and prices are generally diffrent from US prices.

BTW should i just keep the 5770 and wait, or is this a good time to upgrade?
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  1. The new 660ti just got released and it's supposed to be a very good card for around 300$ however you might need to upgrade your PSU
  2. To be safe, I recommend upgrading that PSU. Here is a decent one which should support cards at that price range (nowdays cards are getting very efficient):

    As for the cards, in that budget, take a look at the 660 Ti just released today:

    You can also get the 7870:

    For the full detail, read it here:,3279-17.html

    They trade blows with up and downs. If you would play settings higher than 1920x1080/1200 higher than 4xMSAA, you'd better get the 7870, but if not, 660 Ti is a better choice. Mind also that the 7870 I suggested is overclocked 50Mhz, so it may get better result than the review...
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