Phenom x3 or i3 530 or i3 2110

Can someone please tell me which is better for games?

Thanks for being help
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  1. I3 is better
  2. Consider i3 3220 to buy
  3. The i3 3220/2110 is the best choice
  4. IMHO, i3-530 < Phenom II X3 <= i3-2110 < i3-3220. Remove the "=" if the Phenom II is not unlocked and/or you don't overclock it.
  5. None of those in my opinion. At this day and age I wouldn't consider any dual-core CPUs. Just today I found two links posted on the Steamroller speculation thread.

    My recommendation for a lower budget build is FX-6300. Same price bracket as i3. Consider the direction where game developers have been going and probably will be going in the future (better multithreading) and that sony confirmed an 8-core CPU for PS4. Like I said, I wouldn't bother with a dual-core or a triple.
  6. I'd agree that if the option is present (e.g. if the budget allows), a quad-core is a stronger choice, but of the three presented (plus the Ivy Bridge i3), the later i3's are better. They are hyperthreaded, which can help.
  7. Out of those choices I agree that i3 is best. But if you're buying the CPU as new and paying a retail price I'd say there's no point even considering the i3 over FX-6300 as far as performance goes. Power consumption for a HTPC type of small enclosure is another matter but for atleast midsized desktop case with decent ventilation 6300 is the best option at the price range.
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