Should i upgrade my cpu ?

Hi I have 2 gtx 680`s and when I compare my benchmarks with the benchmarks on the internet, it seems like people getting more fps in games from their 680`s than i am.

I have 12 gb of ddr3
Intel i7 920 processor (2.66 ghz)

The GPU`s are running under full load when Im playing games but I am getting lower fps. for example games like crysis 2 and battlefield 3 run arround 50-60 fps on max settings. could it be my cpu that causing low fps ?
also I dont want to change my motherboard cuz i got it not too long ago for 250$ and i love it very much, If its my cpu that is limiting my fps which cpu should i buy that will fit on my mother board that have a cpu sucket lga 1366
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  1. why wont you invest in better cpu cooling and start overclocking? I've seen 920's go to 4~4.5ghz
    thats the cheapest way to utilize your dual cards to the fullest potential as you're only clocked at 2.66ghz
  2. I second alvine, at least try overclocking and see if there is a noticeable improvement in FPS.

    I would hazard a guess that you are CPU-bound. Most games today still do not make use of extra cores (did you know there are occasions where a Core-i3 CPU will match similarly-clocked Core-i5 or i7 processors for games?) and hyperthreading seems to impede performance too, which is why the Core-i5 family and various AMD CPUs wind up being pick of the little for gaming platforms (works out great as these are cheaper than the really high-end stuff too!).
  3. Also, when comparing to internet benchmarks, are you sure you're looking at the same resolution and number of screens?
  4. internet benchmarks use the fastest processors too
  5. MauveCloud, Pretty sure i checked the right resolutions and right conditions :)
    also i have a Corsair Hydro Series H100 cooler its pretty good right ?
    I guess I will start overclocking then.
    thanks to all for your answers.
  6. BTW I just checked how my GPU`s are doing when I am playing games, basicly my GPU clocks are running on max but my GPU usage is about 50% for both cards. is this caused by cpu or its normal for gpu`s to run under half load ?
  7. Do you have Vsync enabled on either the Nvidia control panel or an in game setting
  8. h100 is a great cooler that's what I'm using too
    good luck with overclocks make sure to stress test it with prime 95 to validate its stable
  9. Tranzz Im pretty sure vsync is off when Im doing benchmarks.
  10. I just found an intel i7 950 for 130 $ in one of my local stores, should i buy this instead and overclock it ? or 920 will be good enough ?
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