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Hey guys
I'm using a Dell optiplex 745 with GMA 3000

Now my windows xp is running totally fine but a few days ago I installed windows 7 ultimate.All was fine until the monitor suddenly went totally white.
This started to happen after every 5-10 minutes of use,usually when I opened something.
When it goes white my pc kind of stops working because I connected my Pc to my laptop through teamviewer and when it went white the teamviewer connection was also lost.

I unplugged and plugged the wires again,even re-installed using a different DVD but same problem.

Now I had one bent DVI wire pin but I fixed it and never had problems with it.

I've installed windows xp again and it is working fine.Except that now it occasionally shuts off for a second (the monitor)
I have a Compaq monitor like 4-5 years old but used only for 4-5 months.

Please help!


Sorry If I posted this in the wrong category.
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  1. Could be the monitor itself, does it happen if the monitor is only connected to the laptop?
  2. I don't understand!
    I haven't connected it to a laptop or anything.Just the pc.
  3. Even if it is my monitor,shouldn't it affect both win7 and winxp?
  4. Yes it should if it still works on XP ("Except that now it occasionally shuts off for a second")! What I was saying is can you try it with your laptop since if it does the same on two computers it is the monitor.
  5. Been using since more shutting off!
    Also if it is the monitor,then why is it that when it gets stuck(on win7),teamviewer stops working and the pc doesn't even turn off by just pressing the Power button once(It turns off just by pressing the power button for a second).
  6. My main concern is that could it be some compatibility problem with my pc running windows 7?
    Or maybe I don't have the drivers.
    I can't find win7 optiplex drivers on the dell website etc.
  7. You are probably on the money with the drivers! Older hardware has driver issues with 7 but in many cases Vista drivers work on 7 if available. Just make sure that you are using correct 32 or 64bit. Sometimes generic drivers from the device/chip manufacturer exist even though Dell or another OEM does not offer them at their support site!
    Intel drivers, look up your chipset
  8. Thanks!
    Btw what kind of drivers should I look for?
    I've downloaded a GMA driver from intel download center for win7.
    On the dell driver website I cannot find win7 drivers for my optiplex 745!
  9. Intel should have chip set drivers for the onboard chip set. Apparently you have the Q965 chip set
  10. Searched the intel center for q965.
    Most results are of the GMA.
    Is that all?
    I've already installed GMA in win7 but same problem was there.
  11. Going to now..
    I had another problem as well but forgot to mention it to you!

    While Installing win7(everytime I install it) I had this certain problem.

    Once it has completed installation the pc restarts and after that it says - Windows is preparing your computer for first use.After that the monitor turns black(Like it is when it is turned off).It stays like that for as long as the pc is on.(The maximum was 12 minutes)
    Then I had to restart the pc manually and then it again said :Windows is preparing your computer for first use.
    However after that it proceeded without the black screen and I went on to create the profile and start windows.
  12. Not sure what is going on there but I am not a fan of installing new OS's on old hardware because of the driver issues. Many older motherboards are ram limited and can have problems running resource heavier OS let alone 64bit version.
  13. All right ! :)

    Thanks for all your help bro!
    Deeply appreciated.
  14. So now I am 100% sure it is my drivers.

    While using Xp,whenever I run a game or some software that requires graphics the monitor turns white.

    Thing is that I have installed each and every driver from the dell website and Intel update utility.
    Could there be something I'm missing?
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