Intel HD3000 HDMI to TV not working

I have been using my gaming rig to stream movies off of my server to a plasma TV. To cut the wattage and brutal way that the gaming system heats up my entertainment room, I opted to use a laptop that I seldom use, an Asus K53E on Intel HD3000 with an HDMI output. When I did the swap, the laptop immediately detected the television but despite my best efforts, I can not actually achieve picture or sound.

I have used the same cable, and verified it again from both my gaming rig as well as from a Wii. I have also tried an alternate, higher end cable to the same result. I've tried selecting HDMI via the Intel graphics control panel and by using the Fn + F8 hotkey to no avail. I've checked the BIOS and have found no settings that refer to video handling. I've verified that I am on the latest Intel driver set from ASUS, tried reinstalling it, and even tried the vanilla Intel driver straight from Intel.

I have NOT had an opportunity to test the port with another display, but thought I'd check to see if anyone's had a similar issue before I go hunting for someone else with an HDMI display to test further on.
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  1. Are you sure that the output to the TV is set to a resolution the TV can handle? Unlike monitors, a TV can typically handle 640x480 (480p), 1280x720 (720p) and 1920x1080 (1080p) and that's it. Set it to anything else, and you do not get any sort of display on the TV.
  2. Set to 1080p with a refresh rate of 60p. As the manual suggests and as I have it set up on my PC.
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