What CPU is better for gaming. AMD or INTEL?

I'm building a gaming computer for around €350 - €400 and I'm wondering what processor would be better, as one of them is a quad core AMD, the other is a dual core Intel.



I don't know a whole lot about CPU but people tell me to go for the AMD as it has 4 cores @ 3.0Ghz and the Intel has 2 cores @ 3.3Ghz. At a ratio of 12 : 6.6Ghz. The AMD seems to have almost twice as much power but is cheaper. ~Please give as much info as possible. Thanks in advance :) If you have any other info on AMD and Intel I'd be happy to know.
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  1. The AMD Athlon II x4 640 is a much older processor than the Core i3 2120 and is quite slower. More cores does not mean more performance and it definitely does not mean twice the performance.
  2. A quad core A10 or Phenom II x4 would be better competition for an i3 than the Athlon II x4s. If you overclock, then AMD has a distinct advantage against the i3s. If you don't overclock, then you might as well get the cheapest AMD Trinity A8 or A10 or Intel Ivy Bridge i3 system that you can.
  3. intel
  4. intel
  5. i3-3220 > Any AMD processor.
  6. from those two CPU's the intel is just far better.BUT you can get an AMD Phenom II X4 which will sometimes outperform a Core i3 and is also cheaper.
  7. Ironslice said:
    i3-3220 > Any AMD processor.

    An AMD Phenom II x4 and a Trinity A8 and A10 compete with the i3s perfectly fine in gaming performance at stock. Overclock any of them and the i3s are left in the dust. AMD's six and eight core FX CPUs also beat the crap out of the i3s when you either disable or cut cown the P states of the second core of each module and there are other tricks that you can do with them to make them even better such as CPU/NB frequency overclocking (can't do it on Intel, IDK if Trinity can do it well). AMD can compete far better than you give them credit for, especially for enthusiasts.
  8. A10-5800k is comparable to the i3 3220 and only under performs it in single threaded processes. And does even better with higher clock memory. The choice between amd or intel in a gaming build depends on your budget. If you can afford it a quad i5 is hard to beat in gaming performance. But at the lower end some amd cpus compare to or beat the intel cpus.
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