Im looking to upgrade my laptop


im looking to upgrade my laptop at the moment i am running

: intel i3 processor 2.1 |GHZ i think
: 4 GB RAM 2x 2 GB ram DDR3 PC3
: intel HD 3000 graphics card mounted to the motherboard

with windows 7 home premium 64 bit system

im looking buy an 8 GB RAM ( if my system will run it) and a new graphics card to replace the one thats not intergrated to the motherboard if it will fit in the spare ram slot

any sugestions ?
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  1. You arent going to be able to upgrade anything other than the RAM in that laptop and you can't put a GPU in a RAM slot.

    Honestly, you're kinda stuck.
  2. GPUs don't plug in to your ram slot. You're not going to be able to do anything more than the ram in your laptop. Your best bet for a faster PC is either a new laptop or a desktop you can upgrade later on.
  3. i thought so i had a feeling but i thought id ask just in case ill look into buying a new pc
  4. system runs fine its just the graphics card that lets me down
  5. adz_w said:
    system runs fine its just the graphics card that lets me down

    I was in the same boat when I had a laptop for school. I ended up building a PC and havn't looked back yet.
  6. yeah i was considering doing that but ive not really got much experience in building pc's / laptops appart from doing repairs on broken pcs at college
  7. Its really really not that hard I'll tell you right now.

    You'll be a pro after watching that.
  8. i know it doesnt seem hard haha just intimidating i know ill get used to it in time practice makes perfect right?

    cheers ill watch that now
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