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I need Advice of upgrading my system to play high to ultra settings in most modern games in 1366x768 resolution. Like BF3,NFS Most wanted 2012, Metro 2033, Skyrim,Crysis 2.

My current Specs: Intel e5200 2.50 ghz, 4gb ddr3 ram, Powercolor Radeon HD 6670 1gb Ddr3,Mobo- Asrock G4IC-GS and a NON-BRANDED 450 watts PSU, Windows XP 32-bit.

I want to upgrade first the PROCESSOR & Mobo, optional PSU

Need Advice of what is the best performace for playing in High to ULtra in 1366x765 resolution in smooth.

My budget is only 200 bucks. Thanks in Advanced. ;)
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  1. Ill write numbers what to upgrade first to last
    CPU- i5 3570 (k for OCing) 3
    mobo- p8b75 (z77 for OCing) 3
    PSU- corsair cx600 (for future upgrades) 2
    GPU- HD 7770 (7850 or 660 if you get higher budget later on) 1
    ram- 2*4 Gb crucial ballistiX tactical 1600MHz 5
    OS- windows 7 home premium 64bit 4

    This all costs more than 200 bucks but you can all of them in future. ;)
  2. Note that not all games suppurt win xp since it lacks dx11
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