Three Monitor Advice - buy another GTX570 or no?

Hi All,

I am currently running an Intel Core i5-2500k quad core 3.3Ghz, and an GTX 570 HD Superclocked 1280 MB GDDR5 video card and I would LIKE to get three monitors running battlefield 3 and I don't necessarily need "ultra" settings.

Should I:

1. Buy another GTX 570 to run in SLI for around $300(CDN) - Anyone know how will this will or will not run.

2. Buy a new GTX 670 - with 2GB Ram - $400 or so?

3. I'm dreaming and need to spend $600 - $900 to run three monitors to achieve half-decent results.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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    Raw power then the second GTX570 is better but the additional ram on the GTX670 will help at extended resolution. Have you considered selling of your current GTX570 and go with maybe 2 x GTX660Ti.
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