Looking at graphics cards to buy. NEED HELP!

Hey everyone.

I'm just curious as to how well (two) BFG GTX-260 896MB factory overclocked graphics cards will perform when gaming?

Do you guys think I'll be able to still run games like TESV: Skyrim, NFS: The Run, Crysis, Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, etc, on medium to high settings using (two) BFG GTX-260 896MB factory overclocked graphics cards?

Any information on this is greatly appreciated.
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  1. If at all possible, I would avoid sli, and use a single good card.
    You will have less heat, need less power, and avoid any microstuttering issued.
    Read this on microstuttering: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-geforce-stutter-crossfire,2995.html
  2. +1^
    The short answer is yes, they will run those games fine up to maybe 1920x1080 resolution. But I agree with geofelt. Midrange cards like that are subject to micro stutter issues that make some titles seem like your framerate is lower than it actually is. Some people aren't bothered by m-s, but I found out I was when I had 2 x HD 6850s.
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