~$200~ GPU Upgrade help!

I am looking to get a new GPU soon and wondering which one I should get.

GTX 560, GTX 560 ti, Radeon 6950, ect. I want to stay as close to $200 AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
i5 2500k 3.4 ghz @ 4.0
8gb 1600 DDR3
600w psu

I know the GTX 560 ti is much better than either of the cards listen above, but I will be running BF3 on low to medium settings at 1440x900 so I don't even know if I want to get the GTX 560 ti. Higher graphics settings messes with my eyes and I like to play on lower settings most of the time haha.

So with that said would the GTX 560 be a good choice? If so, which one (superclocked, what brand, ect.)?
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    If you don't play near max settings and you use 900x1440 you'll see framerates far exceeding 60 fps with a 7770 for only $125, in other words for your scenario you don't need more than a 7770.

    On the other hand if you think you'll be playing games for the next few years, you might get a better monitor, etc. the gtx 560 ti performs the best at the $200 segment and is very future-proof.
  2. GTX 560 ti it is then :) thank you!
  3. About a year ago, I was deciding between 560ti and 6950, I settled on the 6950 2GB and never regretted. Extra GB of vram is better future proofing, and overclocks like wonders.

    Free shipping and fits your budget and factory oc'd. I think thats an amazing deal. There is a slight chance you can unlock it to the 6970, just google it (the only difference was in the BIOS)

    EDIT: And fyi, BF3 is known to use MORE than 1GB of vram already, although it might not be in your case since you like lower settings ;) but again, more future-proofing.
    EDIT2: Oh, the price went back up... unlucky it was sitting at $199.
  4. Wow I was just checking it the other day too and it was at $199 :( that's sad.
  5. The 560 TI is better for overclocking than the 6950, but the 6950 is better for CF than the 560 TI is for SLI, so it can be said to even-out between them if you plan on upgrading to a dual-GPU setup in the future. A 2GiB model for either card is something that I'd highly recommended these days if these are the cards that you want to choose from.

    If you're willing to go up to $230-$250 for your budget, then you can geta Radeon 7850 2GiB and it would be able to overclock a helluva lot better than even the 560 TI (a card known for great overclocking) whilst also having highly scalable CF, among other advantages, such as substantially lower power draw.

    If you want a 7850 and you don't want to pay that much, the you can watch for deals and subscribe to Newegg for their notifications of deals and it would probably only take a week or two for a 7850 to drop into the $200 area. Another site might have a 7850 that low right now.
  6. I remember that certain 560ti cards are voltage locked, so better check before buying!
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