Need Help! Can my AVR Handle it?

Need help since I'm almost buying this unit:
Dual Core A4-5300 3.6Ghz Processor
Gigabyte / MSI FM2-A55 Motherboard
- ATI Radeon HD7480D Graphics
- Built-in LAN
- Built-in HD Audio
8GB G.Skill RIpjawsX RED DDR3 1600Hitachi Desktar 500GB 16MB Sata 6Gbps
PC Case w/ 600W Power Supply

Question is how much Watts will it consume since I don't want my 500 Watts AVR to overload. I have tried this PSU calculator but I don't know if I'm choosing the correct specs. It says 350 Watts on outervision. I'm also plugging a 17" CRT monitor which possibly consume 90 Watts so I'll add that to the total watts.

Help please? :(
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  1. no discrete GPU? less than 200W
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    no discrete GPU? less than 200W

    Since its an APU and I'm low on funds. I won't buy a discete GPU yet, but the integrated GPU will be able to do the job (I think) if I set it to 1GB. That's the reason I will buy a 8GB RAM. So, based on what I said will it still be less than 200W?
  3. Anyone? Really need some help here. :(
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