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Hi everyone,
I have recently been looking at building my first gaming rig and I was wondering if you guys could help me by telling me if the parts I have chosen are high quality and are worth the price.

My system specs:
Processor- i5 3570k £160
MotherBoard- AsROCK Extreme 4 z77 £110
RAM- 8gb Corsair Vengeance £30
CPU fan- Cooler Master 212 EVO £25
Case- Antec three hundred two £50
Graphic card- Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 OC Vapour X £238
PSU- XFX Pro Core 850w £80
Wifi Card- £20
Hard Drive- Western Digital Caviar blue £62
LG Or liteonihas disk drive £15
Windows 7 £40
Full HD Monitor £75
TOTAL £905

Will this PC run games like Crysis 1 and BattleField 3 on maximum graphics with smooth frame rates?
Thanks :)
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  1. Looks like a pretty solid build. I would point out that the power supply is overkill at 850 watts unless you're planning on buying a second 7950 for crossfire.

    May also want to consider a SSD for boot drive and favorite games...check out Samsung, Crucial or OCZ.
  2. It should as long as you're playing on one 1080 monitor. Only thing I'd change is the HDD I'd get a caviar black but another consideration is to add an SSD.
  3. I chose the 850w psu cause its only an extra £5 more costly than the 750w model.
    I might do a dual screen setup at 1080p. Would the card handle it quite well and if not what graphics card would you suggest?
  4. Even 750 is overkill for a single 7950, 650 would do you just fine.

    I don't have much dual screen gaming experience, so I'll leave that one for someone that does. However, if the 7950 doesn't cut it, can always go for the 7970.
  5. Okay, I am probably just gonna stick with the 850 so I have enough power if I decide to crossfire later on.
    Any ideas on frame rates I would get on BattleField 3 and Crysis 1?
  6. Here's some benchmarks. The performance preset is what you should look at. It seems BF3 will get an average 70 FPS and Crysis 2 direct x ll gets 70 FPS also. This should handle current games on one screen no problem and games for a year (At least to come) without having to lower graphics (although possibly Crysis 3 if they do what their promising, to melt your PC).,2938.html?prod%5B5471%5D=on&prod%5B5620%5D=on
    Use Ctrl+f to find a game otherwise it's a pain to search through. Make sure you're checking performance preset not entry or extreme. Although extreme would be about the FPS of two 1080 monitors (it is at 2560 x 1440 which is 3,686,400 pixels and 2 x 1080 x 1920 is 4,147,200 pixels. So it would be slightly lower than extreme preset.,3154.html
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